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What is the HR Mastery Program?

The HR Mastery Program is a unique, breakthrough development experience designed to fast track your impact as a Human Resources Professional. Working with our experienced facilitators, who are all past Heads of Human Resources with personal HR Mastery across multiple industry sectors, you’ll learn how to leverage your existing knowledge and experience to dramatically increase your influence and value to your organisation and its leaders.

How The HR Mastery Program makes a difference

A recent Corporate Leadership Council article highlighted the responses from Chief Executive Officers who were asked what critical skills are needed by the HR profession so that they can contribute more to the business performance and increase their relevance. Their answers can be summarised as:

  • Deliver a people strategy that addresses the organisation’s changing talent requirements
  • Build the quality and quantity of an organisation’s leaders
  • Drive business strategy by contributing HR data and judgment to the organisation’s strategic decisions and investments


We have designed our Two x Two-day program to equip participants to deliver against 10 critical dimensions that significantly differentiate great HR Leaders in the eyes of their Chief Executive Officers. These 10 dimensions, based on our research and experience, differentiate high performing and high impact HR leaders – those who really make a difference. We know these 10 dimensions come together to develop great HR leaders, outstanding executives and fulfilling careers.


HR Leaders Persona

The first five dimensions enable you to create the profile and Persona of the HR leader you seek to be. They are largely based around the choices you’re willing to make, the standards you set and the performance you dedicate yourself to achieve.



HR Leaders Levers

As you stake out your position on the Persona dimensions, the natural progression is to apply your positions to the levers that great HR Leaders use to impact their business. These levers are the functional expertise you can deliver.



We work with participants to build their understanding and techniques in how to apply each of the five critical HR levers within their business.

Understanding and practising models on influencing, effective communication and engaging with impact are included on the program. There’ll be spirited debate and feedback amongst the cohort on each program to get at solutions that will not only work, but are also adopted by their organisations. CEO’s and HR Business Leaders will join us, so that the program creates a direct connection and stays real. The program is conducted over Two x Two-day workshops to enhance and embed learning, finalised with an individual follow-on coaching session 30-45 days after the second workshop. The wisdom and insights from world-class HR leaders who’ve built great careers is a key component in the experience. There is significant feedback during the experience, with participants having a “mirror held up to them” to really see themselves as others see them, with the facilitators helping to reshape participants bold positions about the leader they seek to become. Beyond the program, participants will emerge with a personal plan and re-entry tactics to ensure the momentum continues and changes become habitual.

What makes this program different?

The HR Mastery Program is consciously different from other HR functional development programs, in that the experience begins with helping participants to think deeply about their leadership persona; they make deliberate choices of the elements their role calls for – what they should be thinking, doing, looking like, sounding and acting like. We focus on the critical HR Levers that will best equip HR leaders for their business partnering roles. Rather than dealing with the universe of possible HR activities, we look at five critical levers that really make a difference, and build the foundation for great HR leadership. Contact Us


We have designed an intensive, challenging and unique experience to help business-facing HR leaders transform their effectiveness with their clients and organisations.


  • Participants will be asked to participate in a 360 feedback survey based around our HR Mastery Model.


  • Conducted as Two X Two-day workshops, held in CBD locations (no ‘live-in’ requirement)
  • The Program incorporates leading edge, proven content, and simple, effective templates and support materials
  • Significant personal interactions, feedback and coaching with our experiences Partners/Facilitators
  • Learning is delivered via a unique combination of lecture, discussion, case-studies, and group challenges
  • Each module provides a forum for any real time work issues to be explored
  • A group dinner at the end of the first day of each workshop to network and build connections
  • An Individual follow-on Coaching session with a Generator Talent Group Partner occurs after the workshops


  • Degree qualified, business facing HR Generalists
  • High-performing individuals with at least seven to ten years’ experience
  • Individuals who want to make a step-change in their impact, influence and outcomes for their organisation


  • Facilitators sconduct a follow-on Coaching session with each participant, 30-45 days after the second workshop
  • Participants become part of a unique network of HR Leaders who support and follow up on commitments made during the program


  • The Australian HR MASTERY Program Tuition Fee is A$5,400 + GST (all inclusive)
  • The New Zealand HR MASTERY Program Tuition Fee is NZ$5,800 + GST (all inclusive)





With over 25 years working in large global businesses in Australia, New Zealand and North America, Glen has a wise head set firmly on experienced shoulders. This is our man of action, who cuts to the chase, and is in demand by clients who value his pragmatic advice and ability to positively influence people and improve business outcomes.

Glen has worked in great companies like PepsiCo, Lion Nathan & Arnott’s and in large scale global roles including Head of Human Resources for Fonterra. He has played a pioneering role in organisation and executive development in Australasia where he has designed and participated in case & simulation development, 360 feedback instrument development and facilitation in leadership assessment and development interventions.

Throughout his career, Glen has held a keen interest in leadership capability and executive presence, both studying and coaching executives on how to lead with more effect. Glen’s early career in PepsiCo shaped his philosophy on what differentiates an effective leader and the power of presence, persona and communication.

Contact Glen



Managing Partner

Greg’s 35 year experience encompasses Executive Leadership roles in Commercial, HR and General Management disciplines within some of the world’s most respected businesses including Johnson & Johnson, PepsiCo, Cadbury Schweppes, Thorn EMI, Telstra, AAPT and most recently at UGL Limited. He’s lived and worked in Australia, UK and Asia.
Greg understands the importance, and challenge, of matching development solutions to the needs of both the individual and the organisation. He is passionate about bringing practical, pragmatic and outcome focused solutions to this challenge. He is recognised as a coach and senior counsel to Chief Executives and senior executives and has been a great mentor to emerging HR talent.

Contact Greg



Managing Partner

Paul is a bit of a specialist in the Technology, IT Services and Telecommunications sectors. Paul recently held General Manager HR roles at Navman, a multinational Technology Business and Telecom New Zealand, both in New Zealand and Australia. He’s also held senior roles with Tait Electronics.

With Global HR experience, principally gained through working with businesses based in Asia Pacific and North America, Paul is a specialist in business integration, restructuring and change management. He possesses amazing instinct and wisdom, demonstrating this phenomenal natural ability in his track record of success working in Technology and Telco businesses undergoing significant strategic, cultural, and structural transformation.

Contact Paul



Managing Partner

In his career Justin has worked with a range of academy companies including PepsiCo, The Campbell Soup Company, Diageo, Rip Curl, Fonterra and Wesfarmers, in Australia, the USA and Latin America. In addition to many years in ‘head of HR’ roles, Justin has been the head of talent for two global companies where he has designed and implemented engaging leadership programs, rigorous succession and talent planning processes, team development initiatives, honed his skills in identifying leadership potential and developing the processes and conditions for it to flourish.

Justin’s belief is that if leaders want great organisations then they have to be prepared to be vulnerable and get insights on what’s going well and what could work better. Justin is a well-regarded facilitator who can focus the attention of small and large groups on the issues that matter.

Contact Justin


The attendees have all rated the facilitators as “Excellent” with over 90% rating the program “The best executive development program I've ever attended.”

The following are a selection of our past participant testimonials:

“Fantastic way to round out your HR skills, proven methods of success with present challenges and expectations of HR in mind” – Mel Di Cristoforo, HR Manager Finance and IT at Campbell Arnott’s

“It’s a fantastic course for any HR Professional wanting to break away from being operational and servicing the business to becoming a true leader. The five days may seem like a huge commitment, however worth every minute. The sessions were well paced and delivered above my expectations.” – Michelle Arundel, Senior Manager Business Partnering at IAG Australia

“This course has exceeded all of my objectives for attending. I feel like I now have a broader understanding of the HR Levers available to me and a much deeper appreciation and reflection of what and who I want to be personally and professionally.” – Graham Moody, People and Culture Manager at ansarada

“I would recommend it, with the combination of the lectures, group examples, group case studies, 360, coaching sessions and the other sessions you get so much out of it. It allows for the HR professional at different levels to work together. I loved the presenter’s genuine interest in the topic and participants.” – Mel Brown, HR Advisor at CityCare.

“I have rated this program as the best program I have attended because of the balance between functional content, leadership persona and personal motivation. The small group size facilitated a high degree of trust and team functionality. I would recommend this program to my colleagues. Thanks for an inspiring learning experience” – Zoe Storer, Senior Manager Business Partnering at IAG NZ


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